Dentist in Welwyn Garden City (near new Sainsbury's)

Why Choose Us ยป Reasons to Choose Us

  • Church Road DentalSkilled and sympathetic dentists you can trust.
  • Immaculate sterilisation of instruments and hygiene throughout complying with HTM 01-05 Best Practice.
  • Thorough dental examinations to help you achieve healthy gums and teeth.
  • Full cancer checks for all patients.
  • Digital radiography and intra-oral cameras.
  • Fully computerised recalls and reminders sent electronically for patients convenience.
  • State of the art washer disinfector for immaculate cleaning of instruments prior to sterilisation.
  • Vacuum autoclaves providing thorough sterilising for all dental instruments.
  • Medivision Patient Education.
  • Comfortable air conditioned rooms.
  • BDA Good Practice Member a quality assurance programme that allows its members to communicate to patients an ongoing commitment to working to standards of good practice on professional and legal responsibilities.

Infection control is of prime importance in this practice. Every member of staff receives training in all aspects of infection control. We can supply further information on dental health education, oral hygiene advice, fluoride treatments, diet and preventative advice. We encourage patients to discuss with the dentist or staff any problems they may have and welcome suggestions for improvement in our services.

Our Practice

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Cosmetic Dentist Hertfordshire - Cosmetic dentistry Welwyn Garden City (near new Sainsbury's) help dental patients to achieve healthy gums and teeth by providing a range of dental examinations.