4 Dental Care Myths That People Still Believe Today

Even with modern technology and advanced dental treatment procedures, there are still many misconceptions and fears associated with dental care. People tend to conjure up the painful images of teeth being drilled or pulled any time they think about going to the dentist. But, with enough knowledge, dental patients can allay their fears and get the regular dental care they need for healthy teeth and gums.
Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most common dental care myths dentists deal with:
DIY Dental Care Is Enough- some people believe that whitening and anti-cavity toothpastes are adequate for daily dental care. Toothpaste is essential and it may prevent many dental problems, but scheduled visits to your dentist will provide a better understanding about your current oral health. Gum inflammation, plaque build-up, cavities, and other oral health problems could still happen in people who brush their teeth regularly. Advice from your dentist is invaluable to maintaining your dental and oral health.
Great Smiles Are Only For Celebs- many celebrities get cosmetic dentistry treatments to achieve their amazing looks. Whether it’s dental recontouring, orthodontic treatments, bleaching or veneers, you can also receive the same services at local cosmetic dental clinics.
It’s Better To Wait Until Children Are Older- for many parents, it could be a struggle to persuade children to go the dentist. Waiting until children are almost 12 would be too late. The first scheduled dentist visit should be when children are one year old. Although very young children barely have any teeth, paediatric dentists can find any potential oral problems or developmental abnormalities. Another important benefit is that children will develop their confidence and they will not fear regular trips to the dentist.
It Hurts A Lot- if pain is your biggest fear, dentists always ensure the comfort of their patients. The dentist will administer the dental anaesthetic shot. Air abrasion drills use abrasive powder to remove unwanted tooth structure. It’s less noisy and relatively painless. When a tooth is pulled out, the dentist will remove it using atraumatic methods, so it is less painful and there will be less swelling.
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